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Foundation of EGYCOM




The founders of EGYCOM are professors of Cairo, Ain Shams and Alexandria Universities in fields, associated with development, in addition to eminent specialists in these fields.

The mission of our.....


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EGYCOM Activities

      EGYCOM Activities:

  1. Document and preserve the technical heritage of local communities (i.e. expertise, skills, traditional knowledge, local technologies ….etc).
  2. Rediscover, consolidate and develop appropriate technologies for the manufacture and utilization of local resources.
  3. Provide all kinds of scientific, technical and institutional support to local entrepreneurs within local communities.
  4. Promote a new culture in support of local resources and raw materials in order to mobilize our intellect and imagination towards rediscovering and innovating new ways for its utilization, and manufacturing innovative products out of these traditional materials
  5. Implement applied projects promoting environmental, traditional and small-scale industries in local communities throughout Egypt.
  6. Organize seminars, workshops and conferences in the area of Development & Appropriate Technologies for local communities.
  7. Build up partnerships with a diversified spectrum of civil society organizations in Egypt in order to disseminate concepts and innovative practices of endogenous development, and facilitate its transfer to all potential partners that are willing to adopt these concepts and practices in order to scale up its application from the local level to the national level, thus constituting a national movement for the endogenous development in Egypt.

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