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Our Vision

Our Vision:

We believe that Egypt deserves a more dignified and a better respectful status among other nations, compared with the one we are occupying at the moment. Our deteriorated status and degraded style of life have nothing to do with the shortage of natural and financial resources, nor with deficient human capabilities or lack of advanced technologies and modern equipment. Our real dilemma is a weakened “raison d’etre”, non-committment to our authentic cultural values and original moral choices, our unwillingness to explore and innovate, our humiliating acceptance to be followers to others, and our being resigned to negative reception of others’ values, concepts, styles of life as well as productive and consumptive patterns. And finally, our entrapment within the circle of blind imitation of the Western Model in every aspect of our life to the extent that ‘progress’ and ‘civility’ have been reduced to ‘purchasing’ and ‘wearing’ the external make up of the western style of life.

A new ‘daybreak’ has emerged in Tunisia and Egypt when the people of the two countries restored their robbed dignity and managed to loudly shout after years of silence: ‘The people want’. The Tunisian and Egyptian peoples recaptured their capacity to want, to dream, to initiate and to innovate. The people in the two countries revolted against despotism asking for bread, human dignity, social justice and political freedom. They wanted to restore their robbed humanity.

Even before the emergence of this “Arab Spring”, our institution went to the populace and raised with them the slogan of ‘Yes, you can’. We realize that every human being has very special potentials that we should help him activate and set free in order to initiate change within ourselves and around us. Our institution views the local community as the basic ‘living cell’ that builds up our National Society. We believe that our national revival starts from the endogenous development of all local communities through setting free their potential energies and empowering their inhabitants to reveal their suppressed identities and their alienated cultural values in order to achieve their sought after means of existence: bread, human dignity, social justice and political freedom.

The endogenous Development is initiated from the sympathy with the local people, trust in their natural capacities and local resources, dependence on the living socio-cultural fabric of the local community, recovering the original status of the local community as a living organism capable of self-development enjoying a unique identity and distinguished features that cannot be found in any other location. The endogenous development could start with an intervention from outside the local setting or it could be totally initiated from within the local setting. It is a bottom-up planning process that opens the way for blossoming out of the rich local setting, full of imagination, creative thinking, innovation, cooperation, and productive work. It ultimately sets the basis for a new modernization process based on local renaissance and self reliance. This process benefits from all available local resources: positive values supporting productive work, active social networks, local forms of self organization, indigenous knowledge on the ecosystem, local materials and technical heritage that have been developed across generations and long years of interaction between local communities’ members and the natural environment in the context of their daily struggle to meet their basic needs.

The Endogenous Development appreciates the diversity of environmental settings, social structures and historical heritage in order to discover the specific comparative advantages and competitive edges that each local community normally enjoys as a basis for a unique trajectory of economic development and cultural revival that contributes to the developmental assets at the national, regional and global levels. The Endogenous Development brings back to life authentic forms of housing, dressing, furniture, cuisine and handicrafts. It does not mean idolization or stagnation of archaic objects, norms and practices, but rather rediscovers the cultural code behind them and re-invent them at a higher level of collective consciousness through scientific methods and technological innovations supported and legitimized by people’s participation and involvement. In other words, it means restoring the right of ordinary people to make choices about their lives, about the meaning of progress and its content. It means empowerment of local people to become innovative, productive, self organized, scientifically and technologically up to date. It rejects ready made solutions, imported modernization forms, and lazy dependence on the innovation of others to the detriment of our endogenous innovative capacities.

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