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EGYCOM’ Mission

EGYCOM Mission:

EGYCOM and its members are ambassadors of God’s neglected creatures, we mean the local resources and raw materials, as well as all wasted human energies in our beloved country Egypt that are not well utilized and developed. We are ready to go everywhere to explore and rediscover new capacities, potentials and ways of utilization for these neglected local resources and raw materials in order to bring them back to national grace in modern Egypt. In doing that we honor God’s creatures (i.e., local resources and raw materials) and reveal God’s embedded powers within His creation and help our brothers and sisters in local communities throughout Egypt rediscover their latent capabilities in productive work, cultural revival and technological innovation. As such EGYCOM and its members are missionaries of people’s enlightenment and development everywhere. In order to achieve our mission that is focused on endogenous development, we have to go to people everywhere in Egypt with open hearts and minds and with a sensitive imagination trained to listen to the whispers of the poor and marginalized in order to read the depths of their souls and sympathize with the pulses of their innovation. Thus, we work out with them the future code of our new Egypt.

EGYCOM has chosen rural Egypt as its geographic focus as it is the place that has suffered long epochs of misery, injustice and marginalization. A place that was deserted by its educated elite, disregarded by the scientific institutions and technological centers in our country. A place that has suffered for years from poverty and unemployment. However, it is the same place that is richly embedded by historical wisdom, technical heritage renewable resources and authentic cultural values. We believe that through EGYCOM’s slogan ‘Rediscover our natural resources and raw materials’, we can ignite the new renaissance in our rural Egypt. We believe that through scientific experimentation and technological innovation we can build up new linkages between these local resources and our most up-to-date basic needs. This “interface of innovation” produces new methods and techniques of how to handle and manufacture these traditional materials into modern forms and images, well adjusted to meet the needs of our modern life (e.g. in housing, dressing, furniture, cuisine and handicrafts). EGYCOM is dedicated to use its slogan of ‘Rediscover our natural resources and raw materials’ as a leverage point to support a national developmental scheme that embraces the concepts and approaches of ‘poverty eradication’, ‘industrialization of rural Egypt’ and ‘promotion of small-scale industries in one coherent framework.

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